Fayette Alliance

Fayette Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to achieving smart, sustainable and equitable growth in Lexington-Fayette County through land-use advocacy, education and research in their community.


Fayette Alliance has many competitors in their market and aims to hold a bigger social media presence by developing digital materials that will encapsulate the organization’s values.


Performing an audit on Fayette Alliance’s competitors was crucial in giving a baseline understanding of what we were executing against. Ultimately, it was decided the focal point of the design would be Fayette Alliance’s strong and consistent brand identity,


A one minute long social media video was created.  The video shows a higher level of polish than it’s competitors while staying consistent with the organization’s branding.


A print and digital infographic was also developed to showcase facts and statistics of the Lexington area. The infographic was tailored to be sized for social media as well as 11×17 dimensions for print. The infographic was broken down into several sections represented by iconography that communicated each topic.

icon sketches

Rough sketches for each icon were explored. The icons needed to represent housing and the contrast between rural and urban Lexington, as well as focusing on sustainability and economic growth.

my contribution

I was the sole designer that worked on the Fayette Alliance project. I was responsible for concepting, storyboarding, and designing both the video and infographic.