Homeless Leadership Board

The Homeless Leadership Board is a 501(3) non-profit organization that aims to end homelessness in Pinellas County, Florida. The organization redirects people seeking a way out of homelessness by getting them vital contacts and services specialized to their needs.


The Homeless Leadership Board has limited resources used for spreading their message and maintaining a brand that properly captures who they are. Their logo at the time was not visually appealing, and it failed to capture the goals and visions of the organization.


Research was done to understand the organization better so that we could begin the logo redesign. Various concepts were explored that represented HLB as a compassionate, approachable and generous provider.

Option for the typography was also explored, at one point we contemplated whether creating our own typeface from scratch would be an optimal solution.


The new redesign consists of two trees surrounding a family symbolizing the brand’s new tagline, “providing strength, support, and shelter.” A teal color was selected to provide a warm and approachable tone to the logo.

initial sketches

Upon talking with several board members, they described HLB as the trunk of a tree that connects to a wide range of branches that symbolize the providers that you’re connected to once you contact the organization. I was inspired by this conversation and explored several concepts in which a tree was depicted as a provider for a family in need. Some variations involved a house being formed by the branches in the canopy of the trees or by the negative space made between two trunks.

final logo design

The new redesign consists of two trees surrounding a family symbolizing the brand’s tagline, “strength, support, and shelter.” Within the negative space of the trees a house is formed, symbolizing shelter which is also reinforced by the canopy of the trees. The logo also contains a logotype which is constructed by the typeface Georgia with rounded ends and gaps to give it a more organic look, so that it is better unified with the other graphic elements.

Overall, the new logo focuses on the family perspective using teal as the universal supportive and safe color. This is essential for communicating reassurance to homeless families in need.

my contribution

I was the sole designer that worked on the Homeless Leadership Board brandmark. I was responsible for concepting, pitching and developing the brandmark.