C5MI is a YASH technologies company focused on business transformation specializing in the world of manufacturing and supply chain. YASH leverages technology and flexible business models to enable innovation and business value throughout each customer’s enterprise.


YASH came to us because they needed a series of infographics developed in a very short timeline. The infographics were to demonstrate their expertise in helping businesses with supply chain management and how they can optimize the structure for companies in the manufacturing space.


We explored different styles for the infographics and settled on one uniform aesthetic that all designers could replicate in a short amount of time. Ensuring consistency between three designers developing three infographics at the same time was a huge concern. Constant communication between all members of the team was essential for success.


Three infographics with an isometric icon design style were made to provide a mixture of two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs to the infographics. I was tasked with reviewing and editing all designs to verify that the standards such as icon style, typography and space were followed consistently throughout.

color scheme

The color scheme consisted of a series of blues and oranges, while using yellow and purple as an occasional accent. This color scheme provided a bright and lively tone making it very pleasing to the eye and encouraging user retention.

isometric icons
& movement

Sections like these are a perfect example of the infographics isometric design. Each icon or illustration is represented from a top-down view as they’re placed on a skewed platform. The isometric design proves to be both a fun and unique spin on traditional vector illustrations, while also displaying a sense of energy and movement.

The dynamic layout design compliments the isometric design very well. Underneath most sections, there’s a faint gray dotted line to connect various parts of the infographic together. It constantly moves the eye down to the following sections while connecting elements together to give them a sense of unity and structure.